Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green Business Feature: Evergreen Candleworks

Evergreen Candleworks is nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With such a breathtaking back drop they don’t have to look far to be inspired by nature.  It says it all in their name; Evergreen Candleworks is an environmentally conscious company that has found ways to “go green” with every aspect of their business. They use 100% wind power with bird friendly wind turbines, they recycle and reuse whenever possible.

Their products are Organic Non-GMO, soy wax. The soy wax they use is organically grown in the United States, being free of pesticides and herbicides. They use 100% lead free cotton wicks. They don’t use colorants of any kind and their jars are pretty enough to reuse once the candles burn out.

After much deliberation, I chose to order the fragrance Colorado Sunrise, in one of their lantern candles. The description brought me back home to Colorado, where my heart still longs to be.
“Creamy vanilla with a bouquet of orange blossoms & fresh oranges on a background of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and silky musk”

The scent of vanilla and orange blanketed around the sweet spices brought about an aura of serenity. This is a beautiful fragrance, not overpowering, but wonderfully subtle and sweet. 

The candle burned clean, leaving a clear melt pool, the flame kept strong and steady, without any soot. The fragrance was crisp and the candle was long burning.

Even though Evergreen Candleworks is priced a bit higher (15.00-35.00) than some other candle shops, a quality candle with beautiful fragrance is well worth every penny. My candle was simply delightful.
Sweet Zen Life Rating
5 Stars
~By Isabella Gallatin~

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