Friday, September 2, 2011

Green Mint Sun Tea

Sun tea is healthy and refreshing, during those hot summer days. I remember visiting my grandma when I was a child and helping her make Sun Tea.  We would wake up early, prepare the tea and sit it out on the deck. Then we would go for a nature stroll in the woods behind her cabin. I have such fond memories of my grandma and the special times I spent with her.

Today, I’ll be sharing her Mint Sun Tea recipe with all my beautiful readers. This recipe can be altered to your tastes. I hope you enjoy!

What you need:
1 glass quart jar
½ c loose green tea leaves (or any fresh herbs you prefer)
½ c mint leaves (minus the stem)
1 quart of water
Lemon Wedges

What you do:
1. Pour water into jar
2.Mix the tea and mint leaves in the water
3.Close the lid and set the jar on your deck where it will receive the best sunlight
4. Let it seep all day
5. Once the tea is done, strain it and put the tea back in jar (the strained leaves can be used for mulch)
6. Pour tea on ice, garnish with lemon wedge
7. Enjoy!

Side Note:
When the sun is setting, the tea will be a rich, translucent color. This is how you know the tea is ready.

Fun Fact:
Sun tea is better for you than tea boiling the water. This is simply because; the sun gently infuses the water, creating a sweeter, smoother tea.


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Ruby said...

That looks SO delicious! I'm reading "Slow Love" and the author is talking about her obsession with mint and how she puts it in everything....sun tea, cold ice water, boils it on it's own for mint tea....and then I saw this and totally wish I had a place to grow it!

I love the pictures and wish I even had a balcony that got sunlight since mint is so great!

Oh, just as a heads up- for those of us who don't use Google or blogger primarily, enabling "name/url" comments on your blog could encourage comments from others! :)

Love the blog, keep it up! -Shannyn

Isabella said...

I wish I had a place to grow mint myself. I just buy fresh mint when I can. If you aren't able to put the sun tea outside, try putting it somewhere in your home where the tea will get optimal light.