Friday, April 13, 2012

HPNOTIQ Harmonie Blush

With all the buzz over HPNOTIQ Harmonie I was excited to finally try it. The liqueur made its debut June 1st and has been flying off the shelves.
HPNOTIQ Harmonie is a refreshing blend of Premium French Vodka, infused natural fruits, flowers and Cognac. It has a beautiful icy violet hue, encased in a lovely champagne bottle.

Once you pop the cork on this catchy looking decanter, you are encased in a light sweet scent of berries. It reminded me of berries and cream, reminiscent of days long past.

HPNOTIQ Harmonie has a nice graceful, smooth flavor. It is versatile enough to sip on the rocks or mix in a cocktail. The next time you plan a girl’s night, grab a bottle of Harmonie and enjoy a great night of violet sophistication. Enjoy.
Harmonie Blush Coctail Recipe

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