Monday, April 16, 2012

My Daughter's Lunch Box

I love my hubs and  nine year old daughter more than the world itself. With that being said I am so frusrated with them. I try so hard to get them to want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. When we go grocery shopping I buy healthy snacks (my daughter says she likes) for her school lunches. She complains she wants more variety in her lunch box which I try to provide her, but she never gives me suggestions. When I go out on a limb and purchase things I think she'll eat, she dismisses them.

What does my dear hubs do, he allows her to buy hot lunches at school and he also gets lunchables for her. We all know school lunches and the boxed lunchables are full of ingredients that weren't meant for human consumption. I notice a difference in my daughter's behavior. When she eats her healthy lunches, she comes home alert, happy and she has energy. But when she eats "the other" lunches, she comes home irritable and sluggish, she just wants to take a nap.  On these days, my daughter has no foucus when it comes to her homework, she usually gets the answers wrong and her attitude grows worse by the second.

What is a mother to do? Should I put my foot down and demand she eat healthy lunches, is forcing this on her the right answer?  Or do I sit idley by and allow her to make her own decision?


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